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Dear Coaches, Trainers, and Parents,

Speed is a game changer.  If you paired up 2 teams with equal strength against each other, but one team is faster than the other, the team that is faster will win every time.

Over the years, I have found out that Speed training is built upon these 3 speed training secrets:

Speed is determined force production.

We know from basic physics that Force = Mass x Acceleration. 

Therefore, Acceleration = Force/Mass.

So the best way to improve an athlete's acceleration is to increase their force production relative to their body weight.

We also know from physics that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  This means that the more force that an athlete puts into the ground the more the ground will propel that athlete forward with each stride.

Thus, the emphasis in training should be to cue the athlete to push into the ground with as hard as they can.

The force you put into the ground.  Nothing increases acceleration more than simply having strong, powerful legs to push forcefully into the ground. 

Speed demands coordination.

Speed is a highly complex motor skill that requires total body coordination. The arm action must coordinate with the leg cycle and the core must remain stable to maximize the force applied into the ground at the optimal angle with every foot strike. The coaches who think speed is all genetic and say “speed can’t be taught” are the same coaches who don’t understand the concept of speed as a coordinated skill.

You practice the skills of your sport everyday, so you should be practicing the coordination and mechanics of speed everyday as well.  In most land sports you are running and changing direction much more often than you are actually in contact with the ball.  And one thing I can promise, no matter how skilled your athletes are, they can't win a ball that they can't get to.

Speed requires coordination.  Knowing where to put your hands and feet during a run is another important aspect to gaining speed. Correct foot placement, hip flexion, and other technical details can be the difference over the competition.

Speed can be trained everyday.

Way too many coaches are still wasting two crucial opportunities to develop their team speed everyday: warm-up and conditioning. 20 minutes per practice down the drain...

Warm-up should not be a free-for-all “time to get loose.” Every warm-up should be your “speed development period,” a focused and purposeful effort to activate fast-twitch muscle fibers and develop proper speed mechanics.

You should also condition with a purpose. “Run them until they look tired” is a waste of time.  Any coach can make an athlete tired, but few can make them better.  If your sport does not require your athletes to run long and slow, neither should your conditioning.  So stop beating up your athletes with conditioning and use this time to develop reaction time under fatigue and speed endurance.  Great speed coaches learn to manage fatigue, not seek it.



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Here's What's Included...

Component/Week #1:  6-Week, Done-For-You, Speed Training Program ($127 Value)

6 Weeks of on-field no equipment needed speed training programming for levels of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The exact sequence and progression of every drill completely done-for-you

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Video/Week # 2 - How Programming Affects Performance ($47 Value)

In this video, you'll discover:

My Speed Training Theory 

My Posture Principal To Speed Development

#1 Mistake Coaches Make In Speed


Video/Week #3:  Speed Coordination ($47 Value)

In this video, you'll discover:

How to break down the mechanics of speed so that even your most uncoordinated player can pick it up in minutes

My 5-Step Method for Faster Feet

Done-for-you movement progressions for all levels of athletes

Exactly what to look for and what to say to get your athletes moving efficiently all the time

Video/Week #4:  Dynamic Warm Up & Mobility Development ($47 Value)

In this video, you'll discover:

Proper progressions for stretching and warming up

The most efficient flexibility drills to prevent injury, increase mobility, and promote recovery


Video/Week #4:  The Basics of Speed Mechanics, Stride & Stutter ($47 Value)

In this video, you'll discover:

Speed development drills to use everyday

How to adjust your steps during different types of runs and movements

Agility and reaction drills to replace old school “conditioning”


Video/Week #6:  Explosive Movement Development Drills ($47 Value)

In this video, you'll discover:

The top drills to create athletes who explode through and past the opposition

How to develop players who can “stick a foot in the ground and go

How to cue your athletes to get them to produce maximum force in minimum time


BONUS:  The Speed Development Manual ($47 Value)

Every movement and drill in the entire system broken down with illustrations and coaching cues


So, Who Is This Program For?...

  • Basketball players who want to jump higher
  • Volleyball players who want to prevent knee and ankle injuries
  • Football players who want to explode off the line
  • Baseball players who want to throw and hit harder
  • Soccer players who want to change direction quicker
  • Tennis players who want to cover more ground on the court
  • Lacrosse players who want to develop an explosive first step
  • Track athletes who want to run faster



John A Williams
"The Speed Guy"

Who am I?
Hey there, I'm John, "The Speed Guy".  I am all about doing things faster, and getting others faster...always finding new and creative ways to accelerate the learning curve and get the most effective results.  

My Story
Over the course of 20 years, I have compiled a unique experience of educating youth, coaching sports, and training fitness.  I began my fitness training where I trained in the focus of men’s strength training and bodybuilding for a couple of years before going onto college.  After a couple of years in college and a cross-country move later(Ohio to Texas), I began my experience with the youth as a camp counselor.  I built on that experience over the following years working as a local Boys and Girls Club leader for 8 years, then as a youth coach, and then as a P.E. Assistant for 5 years.  

My Passion
As a kid, I was always in love with sports and competition.  I played everything that I could get my hands on.  I wouldn’t say I was ever the best at any one sport or activity, but as I played in various sports, I always played at a competitive level no matter the activity or sport.  I believe that love and passion is why I am still very active and able to do some of the things I’m able to do today(upper 30s now).

Since I began lifting weights at 13, I developed a passion for exercise too.  This passion allowed me to notice early on the lack of speed and agility programs being introduced. I always said to myself how I wanted to change that. 

My Mission
Recently, I set out to begin Next Level Training Institute(NLTI), a Speed and Sports Performance Program systematically designed to improve speed, agility, overall athleticism, and individual performance.

While most people often think of athletes when they hear of speed and agility training, my aim is for all our youth to be in a consistent speed training program because there are many benefits that I believe makes this the most important training of its kind for our youth.  

As I continue to invest in training products and certifications to elevate my knowledge as a coach and trainer to give the best and most up to date information available, I am now on a mission to spread "the need for speed" so to speak and encourage this type of training for everyone, not just our athletes to create more athletic, healthy, and appropriately competitive communities.



"I noticed my son falling behind a little with his speed and conditioning. With some reservation, I tried John's Speed Training using this system, and now in a short period of time is one of the fastest on the team and even killed it at his Middle School tryouts. If you try this speed program, you will see great results!"

Coach Tommy
Soccer Coach

"Janson increased Speed by 3 tenths of a second by his 3rd session!"

Football Athlete

"Hunter and Tyler increased Speed by 6 Tenths and 8 tenths on their 40yd!"

Hunter and Tyler
Football and Track Athletes

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Order Now and You’ll Receive the Entire Course, Valued at $409 for just $97


If You Are A Coach, Trainer, or Athlete and Are Looking To Significantly Improve Your Athlete's Speed, Then The NLTI High Performance Speed System Course Is A Must Have In Your Collection!




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