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Who is Next Level Training Institute?

Hello Family, Friends, & NLTI Supporters…

As some of you may already know, NLTI currently exists to provide families with athletic training and instruction...providing recreational programs as well as a competitive programs.  We also provide fitness and sporting events to encourage families to make the first step to an active lifestyle.  

We see several areas where our youth development such as in the traditional league setting get hindered or delayed. 

Here are some of the things we see are a cause for concern in our leagues...

  1. A Lack of Having Enough Coaches
  2. A lack of having experienced coaches. 
  3. A Lack of Playing Time.
  4. A False Sense of Security with more advanced athletes
  5. Seasons/Leagues not following through on commitments
  6. A Win First Mentality vs. Improvement First Mentality
  7. Too time consuming- Interfering with other activities such as school, family, and other sports. 

In sum, NLTI seeks to systematically change the way we look at developing athletically...especially in regards to youth development. 

We’re passionate about improving the individual...emphasizing skill and athletic development. 

In order to go about this change and passion across our nation...and possibly the world and positively impact as many people as we can...we are seeking approval of 501(c)3 non-profit status.  

We don’t know exactly how all this will look in the upcoming months or years...with the trainings, services, etc...but We know and believe how important our movement is and don’t want to delay anymore.  


Picture walking into a facility where...parents go to one side of the facility for a workout class, while...the children go on the other side of the facility for their workout class or sport practice.

That is the vision of NLTI in a nutshell.

If you believe in our mission and vision, would you donate for us to go forward with this venture?

Do you believe in our cause?  If so, Can you help us? 

If you’d like to donate, please use the following button to make your generous donation. 

In order to become a non profit, we are using Foundationgroup.org which has 100% approval rating with the irs to assure we are covering all our basis as a nonprofit. 

In order to use their services, we need to raise $3,100 total…and $1,100 initially to work toward our nonprofit status. 



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