About Us


Who We Are, What We Provide
A Fitness Nonprofit Designed To Impact Communities by Changing the Way We Educate and Develop Families Athletically Through Speed, Sports, and Fitness While Embracing Diversity and Unity.


  1. We believe in everything we do to strive for excellence.

  2. We believe pushing ourselves and our kids to excel translates to a thriving community built on a foundation of hard work, discipline, and accountability.

  3. We believe developing speed, agility, and overall athleticism not only improves overall fitness level and performance, but also improves the overall quality of life by building up self-esteem, character, work ethic, competitiveness, and even academics to name a few. 

  4. We believe in making an impact in our community/society.

What We Provide

  1. We provide families quality athletic training for improved overall fitness and athleticism, and a path to a more active lifestyle.                                    
  2. We provide challenges in a challenging, yet fun way(such as our own unique Speed Challenge) which brings those who would not normally enroll in a fitness class or program to make that first step of change.         
  3. We provide in-house Competitions which raises the level of play in our communities without the stress to find non-qualified coaches or include extra expenses to name a few.     
  4. We provide apparel and products to rep the passion of speed, sports, fitness, diversity, and unity.

Our Long Term Goal
To provide an outlet where families can simultaneously be trained athletically in their respective classes or sport practices which will enable them to spend more time as a family. 

How We Operate
The NLTI Team is comprised of a board of directors.





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