John A Williams,

Who am I?
Hey there, I'm John, "The Speed Guy".  I am all about doing things faster, and getting others faster...always finding new and creative ways to accelerate the learning curve and get the most effective results.  

My Story
Over the course of 20 years, I have compiled a unique experience of educating youth, coaching sports, and training fitness.  I began my fitness training where I trained in the focus of men’s strength training and bodybuilding for a couple of years before going onto college.  After a couple of years in college and a cross-country move later(Ohio to Texas), I began my experience with the youth as a camp counselor.  I built on that experience over the following years working as a local Boys and Girls Club leader for 8 years, then as a youth coach, and then as a P.E. Assistant for 5 years.  

My Passion
As a kid, I was always in love with sports and competition.  I played everything that I could get my hands on.  I wouldn’t say I was ever the best at any one sport or activity, but as I played in various sports, I always played at a competitive level no matter the activity or sport.  I believe that love and passion is why I am still very active and able to do some of the things I’m able to do today(upper 30s now).

Since I began lifting weights at 13, I developed a passion for exercise too.  This passion allowed me to notice early on the lack of speed and agility programs being introduced. I always said to myself how I wanted to change that. 

My Mission
Recently, I set out to begin Next Level Training Institute(NLTI), a Speed and Sports Performance Program systematically designed to improve speed, agility, overall athleticism, and individual performance.

While most often think of athletes when they hear of speed and agility training, my aim is for all our youth to be in a consistent speed training program because there are many benefits that I believe makes this the most important training of its kind for our youth.  

As I continue to invest in training products and certifications to elevate my knowledge as a coach and trainer to give the best and most up to date information available, I am now on a mission to spread "the need for speed" so to speak and encourage this type of training for everyone, not just our athletes.


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